- Shakespeare in Candy Candy : is it really for the children?

This is the question being asked by academics Sarah Hatchuel and Ronan Ludot Vlasak through a rigorous and in-depth analysis of the anime. I assure you many discoveries on reading this captivating study that brings  a new light on "Candy Candy" as a fully artistic work... (in French only)


The English version of candyneige.com has finally opened!!!! You'll find there most of the pages that are in the French version but translated in English. The Goodies page is not available yet, but will open soon. As English is not my mother language, you'll certainly find many mistakes. Please, feel free to correct me!

I hope you'll have fun visiting my website!


MEGA SCOOP !!! The ultimate proof that Terry lives with Candy after the end of the manga and the tv serie!!!!

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Happy Valentine's day to all the people who are in love and let's celebrate friends also because friendship makes life more beautiful too ! ^

(c) Hyun-Soo Son (손현수) - 2013


(c) Hyun-Soo Son (손현수) - 2013

Happy birthday to our Terry turned 117 today!... Time stands still for him obviously, and particularly thanks to the amazing makeover of the Korean  illustrator Hyun-Soo Son (손현수).


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